Greenwich Market, the center of space and time, & Jamie lidell


A picture in the foot tunnel that goes under the Thames river to a quaint cafe that serves Jerk chicken and a good cuppacino.


In this little pocket of London there is a market that is known for it’s antiques, vintage, trinkets, collectables, new fashion trends and old prints. If you go there on a Friday when all the stalls are open it is a wonder of things old and new. I once bought an antique wooden wall phone that still worked.


The food stalls here are a treat. With authentic cuisine from all over the world competing for your money, most of the stalls serve fresh, home cooked fair. I went for the Japanese home made noodles. The noodles and broth are made fresh to order and dumplings are delectable as well. Fun to watch and good to eat.

Too bad this place was closed. Peeked in the window and saw vintage clothing to die for. Must go back

Did you know that time starts in Greenwich? This is because the universal meridian line runs through this village. That makes this the first shop in the world.

Music: This song is so Prince.

Mr. Lidell is playing this weekend in Hyde Park. Yummy.


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