Double Play: First Touch- It’s Yours & Sexy Sushi-I’m Afraid (Archived from my website)

One of my first loves of music is early 80’s R&B. This comes from having a radio in my room as a school girl and listening to it for hours. I would even sit and wait for hours with my tape recorder ready so I could have a copy of my favorite jams. These were my first mix tapes.
That is why I really enjoy First Touch. This duo is putting down some serious 80’s, disco, funk. They have captured the vibe and brought it to the new millennium.
Check out more from the band:

First Touch – It’s Yours

First Touch – Pleasure For Your Treasure

The french do it better. They really have the dirty electro down. Sexy Sushi, coming out of Paris, encompasses all the greatness of French disco and electro punk. Not all their tracks are as polished as ‘I’m Afraid.’ Some tracks are dance orientated and others are like noise and still others have a bit of happy pop. If you like any of the genres I’ve mentioned above, check out Sexy Sushi. Here’s some links to more:

Sexy Sushi – I’m afraid [Explicit]

Sexy Sushi – Cheval [Explicit]

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair


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