New York Hip and why I love Róisín Murphy

Last week I traveled to New York for my sister’s 21st and, unlike my UK trip, I engulfed myself in the nightlife. I used the three nights that I was there to visit with friends, check out the club/bar scene and even catch the last night of fashion week.

Night one:
The evening begin with dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in New york Grano Trattoria. This place is amazing. Fresh made pizzas and pastas. When ever I travel to N.Y. I never miss it.
I also never miss a boogie with my girlfriend Marina. She told me to meet her at 105 Rivington where a glass of Veuve Clicquot is $22. (Gasp!) DJ AM was doing a secret DJ set and I always love to here him spin. It is never disappointing. He did a whole 90’s Hip Hop set which got us pretty excited because it reminded us of our college years. I was also excited to see DJ Premiere there giving AM props. Imagine that?

Night Two:
Night two lead me to a whole day in bed with the worst hang over. I meet up with an extremely stylish couple Lindsay and Enrico who told me to meet them at the National Arts Club in Grammercy Park. This place was old world fabulous with wood panels and art draped all over the walls that verged on tacky. The event filled the rooms with a dashing fashion week crowd who were lining up for their fix of free vodka.

The event was the after party for the Kai Kuhne fashion show in which Róisín Murphy was to perform. The venue set up an intimate atmosphere in which Miss. Murphy, who performed acoustic with one guitarist, was only ever 10 feet away form anyone in the room. She is a special artist, whoes performance was filled with so much passion and beauty. She was close enough for me to touch her and I was falling in love with her. I wanted her to fall in love with me too, hoping that we could make music together that would keep her gay following happy.
Being a DJ and a music whore I was shocked that I wasn’t familiar with her solo efforts. I recognized her voice from a track on the Handsome Boy Modeling School album, and am familiar with her work with Moloko. Upon my return to L.A. I immediately familiarized myself with her entire catalog. Her music is a blend of sophisticated, electronic, disco with a lot of soul. Great music for dinner parties, boutique atmospheres or when your in the mood to be taken to another reality.

After the stellar performance Encrico was ready to move onto someplace where we could let our hair down. They took me to a little bar in the West Village loving called Beatrice’s. It is a little, grungy basement bar that has just enough decor to make it feel snazzy. Though the DJ was just playing off of itunes and an ipod, the music selection was phenomenal. It was a mash up of soul, rock from every decade and disco. Drinks were still pretty expensive but what do you expect, this is New york. Needless to say, I stayed until the bar closed and missed a whole day of sunshine.

Night Three:
This was the big night. I was to DJ for my sister’s 21st Birthday party at Bungalow 8 in which 250 N.Y.U students, my family and possible future employers were to attend. What a mess I was from the night before. It took a full days of being in doors, a slew of pain killers, a burger and fries, tomato juice and coffee to make me come around . But by call time I was ready to go.
I was glad to have called on the always chic DJ Mia Moritti to share the responsibility to make people dance. And even though she wasn’t feeling well she looked amazing and rocked it!
The night was a success!

I love New York!

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair


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