Low Down- Boz Scaggs

Last week my Mom cleared out here house and gave me what was left of her and my Dad’s record collection (I have been raiding it for years). There was some pretty cool stuff in there, Steve Winwood, The Doobie Brothers, The Band, Michael McDonald, Cat Stevens, The Beegees, John Lennon, Big Pink, Gladis Knight and the Pips and Marvin Gaye, just to name a few. But the one jam that I got really excited over was ‘Lowdown’ by Boz Scaggs.
If you are a fan of Daryl Hall & Jon Oats, or any of the artists mentioned above, then you’ll love this song. This is a classic jam from the seventies. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. I want to kick off my shoes, grab a glass of wine and dance around my living room (or anywhere for that matter).
Please, if you’ve never heard this song, check it out. If you have then I suggest preparing yourself for a happy moment.

Until next time

Lady Sinclair


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