Lady $inclair’s Electro Mix Volume 2 (Archived from my website)

Dear friend,

It’s a new year and it is time for some new mixes by yours truly. I am going to break away from my usual structure of reviewing singles to bring you some of my new mixes. This is the beginning of a series of mixes I will release over the next couple of weeks. Each mix has a slightly different vibe and each with a ton of jam’n music.

For the first release I bring you Lady $inclair’s Electro mix Volume 2. It is a mix of up-tempo electronic music that is perfect for getting you in that Saturday night, dance mood. There is 43 minutes of new age synth and hard beats from some of the most renown artists in the genre as well as some new comers.

To listen go to the podcast page on Please take the time to allow the Internet to upload the mix and enjoy. If this isn’t your cup of tea, well you can wait for another mix that suits your fancy or simply hit delete.


Lady $inlciar

P.S. The picture of the robot that is used on my sight for this blog and podcast is the original robot used by Electric Light Orchestra when they toured in the 70’s.


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