KRAfTWERK- Autobahn

How often does this happen to you; I was driving down the street on Monday when my better half yells out, “Holly Sh*&! Pull over! Stop the Car!” Of course I’m freaked out and I yell back, “what? What’s wrong?” He tells me that he spotted an AC/DC album propped up against a bunch of junk out side a neighbors house. AC/DC is his all time favorite rock band.
With out hesitation he jumps out of the car. I’m watching him through my side mirror, thumbing through albums. He quickly runs back to the car with an arm full of vinyl while looking around to make sure nobody’s stopping him (he looked like he had just robbed a bank).

Here’s a list of our little treasure;
AC/DC – High Voltage (Long live Bon Scott!!!!)
AC/DC – For Those About To Rock
Pink Floyd – A collection of Great Dance Songs
KISS – I Was Made For Loving you 45’ (yes!)
KISS – Alive 1
KISS -Alive 2
Iron Maiden – Killers
Phil Collins – Face Value
KRAFTWERK – Autobahn (in the Radio Activity sleeve)

We were very excited and spent the next couple of days rock’n out. I was especially stoked on having a mint condition vinyl of Kraftwerk’s Radio Activity only to find out the the record in side the sleeve was actually the Autobahn EP. Still, I can’t complain. I had an original Kraftwerk vinyl in my hand!

This EP influenced three decades of electron/rock music (Daft Punk eat your heart out). This 22 minute jam was their first commercial hit and put Germany on the map. It’s easily interchangeable with many electro bands out today. I feel it is safe to say that Kraftwerk are the pioneers, if not the kings, of synth-pop.

Thank you universe for this gift of music.

Lady Sinclair


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