Hustler – Simian Mobile DIsco

I have to start by apologizing for my lack of luster for keeping up with the Jam of the Week. To make up for it I bring you two Jams this week, one club track and one love song.
Ah, valentines. You either love it or loathe it, but no one can deny a good love song. This year I am really into this cute little number by Hellen Kane called ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You,” made popular by the Betty Boop character. It is a lovely little ditty. If you are into collecting tunes from the 1920’s then this is a must.
Now on to this Jam that I have been playing at dance parties for a couple of months now, “Hustler” by Simian Mobil Disco. It rocks. The beat is heavy and the girl’s lyrics capture any music collector’s heart. It is a song for club goers, beat collectors and fans of electro music. I have to give the two producers (James Ford and James Shaw) many props on leaving their electronic rock band, Simian, to form Simian Mobil Disco.
Why, you may ask, am I only just raving about this jam now? Well, I stumbled across the video for this song and loved it, but then I came across the unofficial video on youtube and was slightly disturbed. It is sinister and has no shame in poking fun at the glamorous life of models. I’ve post both videos on my myspace page. Which one do you prefer?


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