Hercules and Love Affair- Hercules Theme

There is so much music out there that I like, sometimes I feel that I should turn my ‘jam of week’ into the ‘jam of the day.’ In fact I wonder why many weeks I don’t even post a ‘Jam of the week.’ Every week I discover and rediscover new music, old goodies and amazing groups. I feel like my speakers are continuously pumping out the jams. I play them on my turntables. I bump them on my ipod. I rock out in my car. There is no end to my jams!
Last night when I arrived in Palm Springs for a relaxing four day retreat (missing the opportunity to DJ the New Kids on the Block after party) I realized why I don’t continuously post the ‘Jam of the Week.’ I need time to filter through them. I need time to see if a week later I still like it. With so many new artists and so many music blog spots offering endless downloads I need time to process it all. As a DJ I am over saturated by sound. Why should I push that on you?
• • • • •
That is also why it has taken me so long to put such an amazing band on the spot. ‘Hercules and love affair’ is something that your hear and immediately love. After listening to it over and over for the past several months I have no intention of putting it back on the shelf. In fact I bought it on vinyl and keep it in my DJ bag for switch out between DJ sets.
This particular Jam I posted by them is one of my favorite on the album, and picking a favorite was hard. The love making between the horns, the violins, the base and the beat is enough to make you quite your day job and join the new age disco revolution. This is serious funk.
Check out the album, open a bottle of wine, put on a sexy outfit and move your body.

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair


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