Heaven 17’s 80’s icon, train journeys and a Scottish New Years Eve

I am suffering from a bad case of jet lag and am writing this at 4 in the morning. No I haven’t been up all night. I just returned from the U.K. and am just waking up. It sucks. Luckily I’ve got a couple of DJ gigs lined up this week and I am hoping that will help sort out my time clock.
Upon my return from one of the greatest places for club music I have nothing to report on that scene. My trip to the U.K. was not filled with drunken escapades, all night dance parties or experiments with class A’s. Non the less, music was a big part of my trip, as well as meeting an 80’s pop icon.

I rung in the New Years in a little cottage in a quant village in Scotland. It was really mellow but there was a lot of whisky involved. What I learned about a traditional Scottish New Year’s is you don’t start drinking until after twelve. I found this pretty strange, seeing that most people in the States are obliterated by midnight. It was a very civilized evening and I have to say that the UK radio had some really good mixes on.

Playlist for the train from Edinburgh to London:
A train journey through the Scottish Countryside is the perfect way to truly enjoy ones ipod. Just pop on your head phones and get carried away. Here’s my playlist for the journey:
Wargames – Apeanut
Black Cat – Broadcast
Funky Nassau – The Beginning of the End
Computer Love – Glass Candy
Sun King – The Beetles
A Dream – Cut Copy
Comfy Nautica – Panda Bear
Would You – Richard Swift
All I Ever Wanted – The Black Keys
Marquee Moon – Television
We Stay Here(In Our Secret World) – Jeremy Jay
Level – The Raconteurs
A Dream – Cut Copy
Falcon Jab – Ratatat

Meeting England’s 80’s New Wave Icon-Having Tea with Glen:

When we arrived in London we made our way to the fancy flat in Primrose Hill our friends loaned us while they were off skiing in Whistler. We were told to pick up the key from their neighbor Glen, who was apparently the lead singer from some famous 80’s group. For some reason the name of the group, Heaven 17, just didn’t strike a cord in my brain. After some research I realized, duh, they were only one of the pioneers of the new wave, disco movement of the early 80’s.
Forming after two members of Human League left the group, started a label and teamed up with Glen Gregory, Heaven 17 took the UK’s dance floors by storm. Though they never made it big in the States they definitely hold a place in the electro hall of fame. If you have know idea what I’m talking about click on the image of Glen above and listen to one of their jams.
During our week in London we were able to catch up with Glen for a cup of tea. He is a pretty sound guy who continues to tour and produce music. If your in the Uk any time over the next year you could catch Heaven 17 on tour. Check out the website for more on the band:

Until next time

Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair


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