Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson. MJ tribute radio show playlist (Archived from my website)

I am always curious when famous actors decide to delve into the the music world. It can sometimes be a disaster and other times it can pass for the commercial consumer. It is not very often that I flip my lid for their music.
There is, however, the times when a talented actor teams up with a talented musician and makes beautiful love for your ears. Such is the case for Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson’s Relator.
Love always
DJ Lady Sinclair

On last weeks radio show I did a tribute to Michael Jackson with out playing any songs that he actually sang on. It was hard to find good music since MJ’s music surpasses, by far, any cover I came across. Here’s what was played:

Speak Low – Thriller
Castillo Kids-They Way You Make Me Feel
Michell Brothers-Dance Like Michael Jackson
SWV-Right Here
Paul Anka-They Way You Make Me Feel
Friendly Fires-Human Nature
Cookin Soul-Rock With You
Weird Al – Eat It
Bird Petterson – Thriller
Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me
Ian Brown – Billy Jean
Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson – What’s Up With You
Yellow Man – Beat It
Indian Thriller
Prabhu Deva- Chikku Bukku


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