Ratatat – the remixes Vol. 2 – Party and Bull

Now that the holidays are over it is time to return to life as normal. I must start off by apologizing for the lack of bloging. I got swept away in holiday bliss or rather holiday debauchery. All of you readers must be on the edge of your seat awaiting my new Jam.

How does one choose the perfect jam to start the New Year with? I have been downloading, uploading and purchasing so much amazing music that I was considering writing a blog called jam of the day, but that doesn’t give anyone time to digest anything new.

So where do I begin? With the new soul explosion coming out of New York or with something crunk? Do I talk about Mary J Blidge’s new dance hit or Radioheads controversial release? No no no. It must be something a bit more obscure, something with a bit of soul and a bit of rock’n roll. I know just the thing.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to see Bjiork at the Nokea Theater in downtown L.A. When I arrived there was this really cool vibe going on. Everyone seemed to be kicking back, enjoying their beverages and bobbing their heads to the music. I found myself dancing my way to the seat. I looked on stage and saw three guys rock’n out. They looked like a ‘70’s garage band but jammed like hip-hop meets electro rock. They were Ratatat. I had bought a couple of their tunes and really enjoyed them, but after seeing them live I love them. Their energy was amazing.

Ratatat have two albums, a self entitled album and 2006 release Classics, which are both worth your money. The music, which is mostly instrumental, combines hard-core beats and guitar. Also a must is their numerous remixes they have done for such artists as the Knife and Shout Out Loud.

My jam of the week is from their current release, which you can download today for free on their website, entitled Ratatat remixes volume 2 which features remixes of popular Hip Hop hits. The remix of Biggi’s Party and Bull is really lovely. First off this is one of my favorite rap verses ever. To have it refurbish through this extremely talent group from Brooklyn is a treat.
Until next week ROCK ON!


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